Education System Reform

Education system:

I have noticed that when I have done presentations on specific topics that I retain the information a LOT longer.

With the advent of remote learning, I wonder if we can develop an Online education system that requires the students to teach other students. For this description we'll call them Teaching Students (TS) and Learning Students (LS).

Example: You have a 3rd-grade TS explaining basic multiplication to a 2nd-grade student. They work together until the 2nd grade student shows a certain level of understanding demonstrated through testing or whatever. That 3rd-grade TS has to teach the concept to a predetermined amount of LS's before achieving a predetermined benchmark to become a "Master' and move on to learn division where they would learn from a division 'master'. The LS goes on to re-learn multiplication from another TS that has been shown to teach using a different method; the cross-training strengthens understanding so that the LS understands from multiple mindsets so that when they are acting as the TS, they can better adapt to their students' learning styles.

What makes this so awesome:

  • You are working one-on-one and receiving corrections, reinforcements, and all feedback in real time.
  • You will be able to advance at your own pace.
  • This system will provide so much data for learning styles and teaching. We'll likely eventually be able to identify what method techniques work best for every individual, as well as teaching that individual how they learn allowing them to maximize the life potential.
  • You are working with other students of all different races and interacting with them becomes normal which will have an underlying effect on tribalism.
  • But my favorite thing about this idea is that the students are CONSTANTLY communicating with each other. I've read that 94% of disagreements are rooted in semantics and failure to relay the intended message and also that 94% of all statistics are made up on the spot. Regardless of the percentages or the objectivity of this statement, communication is clearly an underlying problem that is often overlooked and these kids would learning communication skills beyond anything previous generations can imagine. I think that this could be a world-changer.

Thank you!

J. Cameron McCormick

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