Fast to End World Hunger

According to United Nations, to end world hunger sustainably, $267 billion annual funding is needed. $151 billion for "pro-poor" investments in rural areas to build infrastructures and $116 billion of cash transfer to lift people from poverty.

In US alone, USDA recorded that in 2019 Americans spent a total of $2,003.8 billion on food and alcohol. That is about $6104.55 per person ($2,003.75457 billion / 328,239,523 people) or $508.71/ month or $16.72/ day.

If the whole American population fast for a day once a month, $65.877 billion can be saved and donated to lift half of the population from poverty every year. If other countries joined, it is not an overstatement that fasting just one day a month can help solve the world hunger.

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