Goal-Oriented Government

Research has shown that people work better with strong goals in place; What do you think about the idea of a Goal-Oriented Government in which the population has designed an ideal reality for 100 years from now and all policy must be shown to move society in that direction?

Let's define a research-based 'Utopia' of sorts. Let's take all the most current information, research, and economics of specific sectors of civilization and provide a loose definition of what an 'ideal' representation of that sector would look like. For example; the health system is a huge mess in this country and most everyone would LOVE the idea that regardless of your status, you can walk into a hospital, hand them your driver's license, receive your care and be done. How do we get there? We need a step-by-step process on how to get there. We would need the most learned and impartial people to be able to assemble the information and criteria for adjustments would need to be set from the beginning, but the job of government officials becomes less political and more analytical and educational because they would always need to be explaining how their plans and actions move society in the direction of that Ultimate Goal.

Beyond Healthcare, other areas that should come directly to mind include:






I like to think of this concept as "Star Trek Earth" because Earth Society has basically solved our own social issues and have decided to go out and pick fights with Aliens. :-)

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J. Cameron McCormick

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