Preparing for the Advent of Solar Roadways

With Solar Roadways currently being developed I suggest that we proactively put supporting infrastructure in place by adding solar panels in the median of divided interstate highways. Long East-West stretches between major metropolitan areas would be ideal for several reasons:

  1. The interstate highway system is already connected to major metropolitan areas where the energy is most needed but has the least amount of free space.
  2. Medians are easy access for construction companies, are generally clean areas and made up of fill dirt which will make extraction easier.
  3. This system would be easily expandable and adaptable and encourages development along the highway corridors.
  4. Political Reason to do this NOW: the areas where these would be built are predominantly rural and southern, and much of the work will require a lot of low-skill jobs. All those constituents are typically right-leaning so it would be an excellent way for Biden to reinforce his bipartisanship message.
  5. Eventually when solar-collecting roadway surfaces become a reality, they could be installed directly over the existing road system and simply ‘plug in’ to the solar panel system that is already in place.

We could also explore combining the system with small wind turbines to collect the car-created wind or rainwater collection.

Thank you for your attention!

J. Cameron McCormick

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