Reducing pollution, carbon emissions and costs for public fleet vehicles.

Routinely when driving around on local highways, I see public vehicles - police, fire chief, other government agency vehicles - speeding by me well past the speed limit. Most of these are not responding to Emergencies. Many of these vehicles are SUV's or larger. I hold that if these drivers obeyed the speed limit or close to it we could:

1) Cut emissions

2) Cut fossil fuel use

3) Cut carbon release (8kg / gallon of gas)

4) Save taxpayer dollars

Why would this population be appropriate to hold accountable?:

1) They are government employees (local, county, state, federal).

2) Their vehicles already may have some type of GPS tracking device or easily could be fitted with one to monitor.

For 1 driver / vehicle, the savings / cut in pollution would not be dramatic. But multiply that by the tens of thousands of government vehicles in the country and the miles driven per year - this could be significant.

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