Reduction of Major Appliance Waste

I'd like to challenge appliance manufacturers to change their business strategies from one that is designed to get us to replace our major appliances as often as possible to one where the appliances are meant to last as long as possible. This model is much less wasteful and creates jobs that a person would be happy to do, fixing and upgrading appliances. They could be designed to have a “permanent” frame and all the wiring, compressors, and other elements are designed to be easily removable, replaceable and upgradeable. The manufacturers could have different "skins" that can be applied when the homeowner wants a new look or technology advances. Service people would come to the house once or twice a year for maintenance and leave you a brochure of the latest designs, styles, and upgrades that are available. This would also create a market for used appliance skins.

If this model is successful, could the same principle be applied to auto manufacturing?

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