The Compassion Project

The purpose of The Compassion Project is to combat the negative, to spread good will and love, but especially to offer support to people who are marginalized and in danger of losing themselves (to drugs, depression, peer pressure, etc). We would aim to be the pre-Suicide Hotline resource.

I would like to start out with a web page where we post only positive stories, and people can interact in positive ways. I'm thinking a FB group might suffice, but I'm not sure if that is the best forum. I want everyone to be able to add their story, but I also want to create a forum where a person that is having a rough time can communicate with people that will show love, support, and compassion for them in response, like a dedicated chat room. I would prefer to have constant ‘care’givers available, perhaps students of Social Work, Counseling, and Psychology.

The Compassion Project will have a "no hate" policy so we can maintain a mentally safe space. I want to allow people to remember that there are good people all over this country (or world), and they are not alone. The page will also have social services resources listed, such as the Suicide Prevention Hotline, and organizations like the ACLU, and the APA. The general goal is to have something uplifting show up every day in the feed of all the followers, but to also have a caring network of people that you can count on to help stop bad thoughts before they gain too much of a hold.

I would love to help schools or communities to create CP workshops and clubs where students can learn and practice compassion for themselves and others.

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