The Reading Check-Up: a non-normative reading inventory that recommends activities uniquely aligned with the results

I created a simple assessment which takes about half an hour to an hour to determine how to create a learning plan to work 1-to-1 with a student. I have been developing the assessment to use with other parents, tutors, teachers to identify how to help support students. I have trained "off the street" tutors and graduate level students in this method with great success. There are activities designed to use based on the results of the assessment to target areas of weakness that come up in a students profile. The important difference is that the strengths and weaknesses are in relation to the student, not to their peers. The idea behind this effort is to help individuals specialize in one child (or adult) rather than trying to learn several reading programs that may or not be what a student requires. It was developed to be used within families, community organizations, and volunteer programs. It could eventually become a new model for public schools (both general ed and special ed, with well defined, consistent IEP goals). It does not replace diagnostic testing, but it can help show the need for a formal assessment.

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