Ensure that schools have an ample supply of toilet paper

When we talk about education reform we focus a lot on teacher quality and curriculum. While this may be a concern, I would argue that students don't have an adequate chance at performing well in a school where basic needs are not met. Those basic needs begin with fully stocked, clean bathrooms. This also communicates basic respect and decency.

We should ensure that every school in America has an ample supply of toilet paper. Partner with toilet paper companies who will donate for publicity, tax write-offs etc. Solicit donations from the public and individual large contributors. We would also need to:

  • Figure out how much toilet paper is needed in a school year based on size/populations etc.
  • Determine how to store large supplies of toilet paper and how to secure it (i.e. prevent staff from taking it for personal use, prevent flood damage, mold etc.)
  • Determine shipping costs coverage.

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