Use Nudge behavior science to incentivize people to follow secure practices when accessing data

There are many threats to the integrity of data in an organization, which can have disastrous effects including identity theft, denial of service, and eavesdropping. This has a disproportionate effect on small businesses, who may not have the funding or expertise to deal with them. Human error (improper access to databases, phishing emails, unsecure websites, reusing passwords, insider threat ....) is the leading cause of cyber attacks, and all it takes is one slip-up to compromise an entire system.

If there were continuous reminders to stay vigilant when using a system, all people would have security at the back of their mind when using a computer, and the behavior of many people will be altered. It will also help people practice day to day, rather than depend upon isolated training.

It could be fully integrated into the design, which would be non-obtrusive to the functionality. It should be visually appealing and make sense with the layout of the application. Something like this would be most effective if it changed the behavior of people who were the least technically oriented, because cybersecurity is a team effort that is everyone's responsibility, especially since data is one of the foundations of our modern economy.

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